US Military Funds Effort to Hack Video Game Consoles

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    You know what going on here fellas

    US government is working with the FED so hard to devaluate US dollar and hence the debt. That they are willing to fund and piss away dollar on any god forsaken thing.

    By the time everything is "funded" there won't be nothing left of US economy, people will be hungry on the streets.

    US Military Funds Effort to Hack Video Game Consoles

    Popular video game consoles such as Nintendo's Wii and Microsoft's Xbox 360 may resemble the new battlefields for national security in the eyes of the U.S. military. The U.S. Navy has begun funding a project to hack previously owned game consoles in an effort to dig up gamers' online chat room information and other stored data.

    The Navy wants the company to not only hack "dirty" used game consoles, but also to show how to scrape "clean" data from newly bought game consoles. The new consoles being provided for such testing include a pair of Nintendo Wii consoles, a pair of Sony Playstation 3 systems, and a pair of Microsoft Xbox 360 systems