US markets will close down today

Discussion in 'Trading' started by 99atlantic, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. Such a big predictering dog am I :cool:
  2. yessss, big predictering dawg wins again :D

    How come nobody's congratulating me on my call? :( :(
  3. no respect for the big dawg predictering :(
  4. u want me to send u a cookie[?]
  5. yes!!!

    chocolate chip plz :)
  6. did i call it again or what ^_^

    us markets are doooooooooooooooown today
  7. *sigh* no respect. I make the call when DJ was up 0.03% (or something like that) and now it's almost down 1%....I nailed the nail on the head and still no respect; guess only rallies get respect :p
  8. It was not a hard call. This market is trending down.
  9. I know, I just wanted to feel special ;)
  10. If you want to feel special, get a dog.
    #10     Jun 12, 2006