US markets=NO RISK!

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  1. It is evident with all the negative events and the current energy crisis that this truly has become the most risk free trading period in quite some time. You can thank your federal government for this calm friendly risk free environment. Just buy the dips and you will with out any doubt be rewarded. So get out their and buy buy buy.
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    just sell all the puts you can with your margin, you will soon find out that there really is no risk at all :D :D :D

  4. Let me guess, its a contrarian indicator. Friend this current administration will manipulate the markets and flex its muscle to hold these markets in line. Everyone knows energy will cut into corporate profits. So to counter this they give massive tax brakes to corporations. Another tactic is weaken the dollar, this gives large multi nationals an edge. Also a little help from the SEC with a wink and nod at accounting issues sure cant hurt. Know how to play the game or get out.
  5. liquidity pumps always eventually run dry -- this one is already showing signs of cavitation. :)
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  7. A rising stock market will help people forget that they are paying $3.50 a gallon for gas. Go market!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Here's a little challenge to your PPT theory. Let's say there is a PPT and let's say they are buying every dip. One, the gov't must be making a massive fortune trading! And this fortune would therefore be paying down our debt. If the gov't really did have the ability to recruit super traders and create a trading desk to manipulate the markets, they would have made billions, hell hundreds of billions by now. Maybe even trillions! Where is all this money? Opps, sorry, didn't want to punch a hole in your wonderful PPT theory.

    So what some of you are saying is that gov't is well on it's way to paying off the the deficit completely. And how ironic that the very manipulation they are doing to the upside would actually create an event that truly would be bullish for the economy. Funny world huh?

    Of course this is all a moot point because there is no PPT, no manipulation, just a lot of buyers. Of course as long as we have idiots on ET that have been trading for 6 months with 5k in their IB account and continue to short the market, we will always have these conspiracy threads.
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    I'm not denying that there is manipulation of the markets, however the coming rise in stocks this week will be due to crude prices dropping. Crude dropped further in European trading today ( ) . I expect a further drop when US markets open as hedge funds unwind long crude positions to take profits and weak hands who bought at the top sell in panic. The FTSE went higher today and I expect US equities do the same tomorrow. As stocks take off, we'll see some profit taking and I suspect a short term top in bonds this week. I expect the Feds to increase rates since Greenspan has already indicated he's looking to deflate the housing bubble.
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