US Markets no longer listening to Charlie Gasperino-Asia dumping-red futures oh pain!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by johnwifi, Mar 13, 2008.

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  2. What did the gasbag say this time?

    USD to JPY almost under 100. :eek:
  3. Gold: 985
    Crude: 110
    EUR/USD: 1.56
    USD/JPY: 100

    Can someone explain how we aren't in trouble with those numbers floating over our heads?
  4. Bumhahahahahahahah

    This is it!

  5. You mean worsen the problems just posted? Yep, that is the answer.
  6. For some reason I was under the impression that futures were 200ish down and falling fast. It's only a 100. YEN isn't even sub 100 yet. I say falase alarm, go back to sleep.
  7. We could get there later in the night. The numbers are looking ugly.

    Retail sales in the morning HAHAHAHAHA
  8. That's very true. Although they can't fall too fast due to fear Fed will double Term Auction Facility to $400 billion before open.

    ASIA is showing promise though.

    So anyway yeah,... just wake me up when yen is 100.10 or futures is down 200. Whatever is first.
  9. We almost got there. Some idiot decided to swoop in and buy YEN to save the day. It was probably Japanese version of PPT.
  10. Yen was below 100.10 a couple minutes ago. I saw 100.07!
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