US market underforming?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by innovest_11, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. I saw China stocks up 5% daily, not just one day, the stock rally daily up 600% in 3 months, cannot believe it...
  2. I got a fortune cookie that read "the Shanghai Composite will be up tomorrow"
  3. Wanna play musical chairs? Someone will get hurt pretty badly when the party ends.
  4. US market underperforming?!
    Who wants to invest (I didn't say trade) in a market/country where the government, corporations and its consumers are in debt up the gazoo and their only hope is to inflate the crap out of their houses, markets, property and everything else in the hopes it'll make their debts appear smaller and a currency that's depreciating daily?

    I'd take my money and run elsewhere too.

    So what if the other markets 'correct'? US is dead wood in terms of investing. #1 still for trading but investment funds are going elsewhere which means market goes *nowhere*. Any "gains" are a mirage and bound to rapidly evaporate.
  5. "US is dead wood in terms of investing."

    lol. Thats a keeper of a quote.
    Chinese stock market is basically a rigged market where outsiders can't buy in and the govt controls the float. The Chinese are creating a mess by manipulating their currency and the stock market. Think Japan circa 1980's.