US Market Options Traders - Living in Thailand.

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  1. rosey007



    Is there anyone here, living in Thailand, that trades Derivatives on the US exchanges?

    I reside full time in Thailand & I'm hoping to chat (maybe a couple of times a week) with other US Options Traders - simply to talk about market performance, compare trading strategies & "bounce" ideas off each other.

    Derivatives trading is generally a solitary endeavor & I'm hoping to correspond with a fellow options strategist, hopefully in my time zone.

    Many thanks.
  2. im gonna be trading abroad not in thailand tho not yet, check out my youtube
  3. _eug_


    Where in Thailand do you live?
  4. rosey007


    I'm in Jomtien.
  5. Any tax advantages if you live and trade in Thailand? Zero capital gains taxes like Singapore and Hong Kong?
  6. How is Thailand, the stock market has developed very well?
  7. ehsmama


    I raise my hands...I live in India and trade options in US Stocks...
  8. braman09


    where in India, are you ?
  9. ehsmama


    delhi and you?
  10. braman09


    Tiruchirapalli. Sorry for the belated reply.
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