US looking at 1.5 billion dollar aid to Egypt

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  1. I thought we were trying to cut our deficit? So we have issues in our own country and now we are going to borrow another 1.5 billion so we can help fix another countries issues on our dime?

    WASHINGTON — The Obama administration threatened on Friday to reduce a $1.5 billion program of foreign aid to Egypt based on President Hosni Mubarak's response to swelling street protests in Cairo and other cities.
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    yes. We are all connected. You don't think Egypt is important to US interests?
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    these stupid 'color revolutions' are just a momentum of sentiments.........within 2-3 years of change of government, the old problems and grievances still happen to remain the soon the revolution supported government also sees itself out of the power. taking examples from georgia, ukraine, serbia etc. etc.

    the root cause of 'economic stagnation' based social problems have to be solved otherwise the 'victimized populations' will keep on suffering from another round of fake political promises and very efficient 'corruption by the powerful'.

    is there any no solution for third world corruption or inefficient government handlings. :D :cool: