US is the new Japan?

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    you know what, we are paying banks to hold our money with their tacked on fees and we are getting nothing back

    safety? we hope
    interest? inflation beats interest
    loans? yeah, push that equity loan for small businesses
    expertise? see above, loans
  2. "terrorists..." ... "they hate our way of life"

    By the way, the Japanese have enormous private savings to offset their debt obligations, keeping interest rates low.

    The US is not quite in the same situation with our negative savings rates.
  3. The Japanese may have a "high" savings rate but they have nothing to spend their savings on. The US lifestyle is the lesser of two evils compared to that. :cool:
  4. Who's picture will be on future currency used in the now USA?
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    Pot calling the kettle black?

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    Would you clarify?
  7. Japanese tend to live in smaller homes. It's tougher for them to be a consumer-driven society. :cool:
  8. People forget the Japanese waited until 1995 to start trying to fix their banking system.

    Think of Bernanke and Paulson what you want, but they didn't wait 5 years to acknowledge there might be trouble ahead.
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    congratulations to Bernanke and Paulson for acknowledging the issue.
    1st they destroyed the dollar during their tenure.
    the market has declined 40% in less than a year.
    they have socialized the US financial system. bernanke can now experiment in trying to prevent a depression that he and his predecessor created in the 1st place.
    Paulson got his buddies at Goldman to take overthe financial system.
    It is all roses.
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