US is the biggest currency manipulator, bar none.

Discussion in 'Forex' started by nitro, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. nitro


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  2. Butterball


    China is the biggest currency manipulator.
  3. nitro


    Dude, did you WATCH the video from beginning to end?
  4. Biggest currency manipulator, YES

    Biggest threat to WW3, YES

    Biggest bully, YES

    Biggest Empire built on DEBT FINANCING, YES

    Biggest Empire of Man-bashing by Women, YES

    Biggest Empire of women with 4-lane hi-way pussies, YES

    Biggest Empire to fall from grace so fast (a mere 10 years), YES

    Biggest retreat from Manufacturing EVER, YES

    BIGGEST LIAR of the Unemployment Rate, YES

    BIGGEST example of HERD stupidity, born-study hard-job-marry/procreate-buy/buy/buy/buy-Die

    Biggest Empire life formula - die a little every fckin week
  5. Highest quality of living: YES.
    Highest chances of becoming a billionaire, if you have a good idea: YES.

    the most intelligent central bank in the world: YES (simple NLP method successful enough to make 200mln of chinese to produce and ship few trillion worth of goods in exchange for worthless bonds)
  6. AK100


    You forgot one -

    Biggest % of men crying of any country on the planet.

    Just watch their TV, it often seems a race for the men to see which one can start blubbing first.

    Generals Custer, Patton, Sherman, Eisenhower, Bradley, Schwarzkopf, all great Americans of the past must be wondering where it all went so wrong........

    PS. I like America, this is not a rant, but please fellow men, start to act like men :)
  7. Butterball


    Did you watch it at all? The talking head says "No China is not manipulating, all they have is a currency peg".

    Yes Virginia, a peg is outright and blatant manipulation. Even more so if the pegged currency is manipulated to 30% below purchasing power parity.
  8. thanks for posting this, this guy is scary smart. I would recommend getting his book. Very few people understand global macro issues the way he does.
  9. The Hong Kong dollar has been pegged to the U.S. dollar forever, but no one ever accuses Hong Kong of manipulating the exchange rate.

  10. You call THIS living?

    Dyin ain't much of a livin, boy!

    Millions jobless, the real jobless rate at 22%, millions upside down on their ATM machines aka Housing, banks putting it in the ass and taking it out at will and the American pubic smiles and says, "great cuntry"
    #10     Nov 9, 2011