US is not in a recession

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  1. Duh.
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    there is a recession in people's minds, enough to cause a recession
  3. Maybe its past that. What's the definition of depression. :D
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    No one(especially the gen public) gives a fuck about the National Bureau of Economic Research. When the public tightens down their wallet, cant get loans, have their work hrs cut and/or laid off completely, and GDP can barely move forward...... those are serious recessionary sypmtoms. PERIOD
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    If a recession takes place in the woods, but no one sees it, was there really a recession? :D
  7. US is not in a recession, per intrade.

    A recession is defined as two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth.

    What's the official definition of a depression?
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    Recession is defined as 2 consecutive periods of neg GDP ?

    And who is the ultimate authority on whats the RIGHT definition?

    Just bcuz it doesnt fit someone's definition of what a recession is doesnt mean it isnt happening.

    people who go by so called "definitions" lack foresight and are incapable and/or stubborn about seeing the bigger picture......
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    Recession started long before Dec 07.

    Inflation was underreported = GDP overreported.
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