US is fueling a war in Somalia

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  1. Obama is in office but they are still at it, bringing destruction to all parts of the Mid East .
    Don't believe the lies, the US military is still pouring it in .

    Now the "terrorists " are moving to Somalia !! according to the US Command !

    Have you noticed how the pirates attacks have increased since the "heroic" liberation of US captives by SEAL snipers shooting from 50 yards away on a boat towed by a US Navy ship ?
    What a heroic act !
    Let's not even talk about the US courts treatment of a minor that will be tried as an adult and face life imprisonment in the US !
    Just for trying to make a living extorting money from rich countries which rich countries and corporations have been doing -legally or not - for centuries in that part of the world !

    We can only expect more violence in those waters, and all nationalities will be targeted thanks to the US doing their favorite thing.
  2. Congratulations! You managed to write the dumbest post of the day, all before the sun came up.
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    I think that explains why I don't like getting up early...
  4. And yet another MORON on ET.
    My "ignore" list is making new highs.
  5. AHa state the facts and the truth on ET and you 'll be called a moron. I love it !

    FYI I have been called a moron for calling the "War on Terror" pure nonsense back in 02-03, and the Iraq war a disaster back in 04-05. That's before you got dejected with Dubya and his clique and finally recognized the mistakes of your government since 9/11 . Mistakes which cost thousands of young lifes in America and hundreds of thousands of innocent lifes in Afghanistan and Iraq. A total disaster. To the point that even your best supporters came to hate you. And that Americans abroad won't even say where they are from and say they are English (how stupid) because they are so ashamed, or rather I guess ...shit scared. Is it a case of you are slow or brainwashed or just can't admit to mistakes ?
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    US Command is obviously wrong. The terrorists moved to Greenland!
  7. yeah they say it's green up there and they have thousands of virgins for themselves, so my bet is they are 'nt coming back in a big way anytime soon. Just to say they aren't the kind of threat the US would want us to believe.
  8. You guys got it all wrong

    the real terorists live in Washington DC

    They are the ones who planned 9/11

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    No, no, the real terrorists live in Greenland :D
  10. A Russian warship captured a suspected pirate vessel with 29 people on board off the coast of Somalia, Russian news agencies reported on Wednesday, citing defense ministry sources. Russia's Admiral Panteleyev anti-submarine ship seized the vessel 15 miles off the coast of Somalia at 1212 GMT on Tuesday

    Fucking Russians are fueling a war in Somalia...

    We can only expect more violence in those waters, and all nationalities will be targeted thanks to <strike>the US</strike> Russia doing their favorite thing. Right, Kicking? Why can't the Americans and Russians just pay the ransom like all normal European and Islamic countries do? LOL

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