US is becoming a banana republic

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is the US becoming a banana republic

  1. yes within 5 years

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  2. yes within 15 years

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  3. no

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  1. zdreg


    the Fed has a plan to get rid of unmanageable debt.
    it is called inflation.

    other signs of a banana republic include 25%+ decline in the dollar against other currencies and a decaying infrastructure and a government lying about the rate of inflation.
    please list other characteristics of banana republics
  2. mokwit


    A Dictator and a ruling Elite made up of a small number of families. Dictator is completely out of touch with the hardships of the peope e.g says things like "I heard gas had got kinda expensive". Excessive spending on arms. Control of the media to push propaganda that is laugably untrue. Falsification of official statistics to suit Govt's purpose. Contracts awarded to favoured companies, govt funds used to suport favored companies etc etc
  3. 30-50 years.
  4. achilles28


    Martial Law in 5 years.

    Banana republic in 10-15.
  5. Paulson talking up Ameriduh's strong dollar and strong sollar policy. If you don;t admit it - its not really happening...
  6. zdreg


    another characteristic of banana republics is keeping interest rates artificially low.
  7. For 1 cent you can read what many are claiming as proof that the theoretical alternate universe exists: The Book.
  8. mokwit... nail on the head mate

    Wish every ET member was as clued up
  9. Sorry, but I don't agree. Post war recessions are much better managed. See Mark Perry's article on economic hysteria:

    Banks/govt now recognize that they MUST keep failures from occurring with the interconnectedness of the derivatives markets. That's why Bear was bailed, etc. It's all reasonably well-managed or the system could unravel. When you see lack of govt or banking intervention, that's when you can start worrying about a Banana Republic.

    There are two other things that could turn us into a graveyard is a massive terror attack (multiple ebombs in particular) or ever declining education (which is already starting to happen - the question is "can we turn it around"? and I believe the answer is 'yes').
  10. 8 years of neocon rot will do that to a vibrant nation. Give the neocons another 8 more years and soon you'll all be living in another Haiti.
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