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  1. Data Request: can you provide me with historical Daily data of the US$ Index going back to 1982 or earlier, ASCII/txt format, descending date ? please pm me and thanks.

    In the 'FX Time Projections/Counts' post, see:
    I failed to point out on a US$ chart that counts are Fibonacci series numbers, not Lucas.

    The 'method' to count is the same for both 'Fibo financial instruments' as 'Lucas financial instruments – forex', excepting one uses 3 5 8 13 21 34 etc numbers for counting.

    There may be other 'significant' numbers however it's so long since I've used Fibo numbers to count with I've not yet noticed any.

    More observations in the attached charts than firm price/time projections, there does, unlike forex appear to be a fairly regular cycle shown in the Weekly chart.

    The Weekly L in 1982 was about 79:00

    Will update as and when.

    Attached Weekly June 1/04.
  2. Attached Daily June 1/04.
  3. Now have data and the attached Monthly shows various Fibonacci number counts accumulating in mid summer.

    The 2 fibos indicate how the price has reacted with levels, also suggesting to me a bottom in the US $ and future higher levels once the Fed increases the FF Rate.
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