US Immigration / US Foreign Policy and Iraq.

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    January 8, 2007

    SouthAmerica: Now that the United States helped to end Saddam Hussein’s life – and at the same time ending the only chance that the United States had for the Occupational forces to leave Iraq.

    The question is: What kind of strategy the United States can cook-up now to be able to withdraw its American forces from Iraq?

    The United States can solve two US problems at the same time as follows:

    The United States can resolve its immigration and its foreign policy and “kill two birds with one stone.”

    The Bush administration is planning to increase the number of US soldiers in Iraq in the coming months – Here is a possible solution for that problem.

    It would be very hard for the US armed forces to find new recruits here in the United States who are so desperate that they are willing to sign on to be sent to Iraq.


    The United States has to integrate its immigration policies with its foreign policies goals, and the US immigration department would give a “Green Card” for every Mexican who is willing to serve in the US army for an indefinite time in Iraq.

    It would be easy for the US army to find 100,000 Mexicans who are desperate enough to accept the US immigration deal.

    First the US sends the 20,000 to 30,000 Mexicans soldiers to Iraq, and in the following months they can replace the rest of the US force in Iraq with these new Mexicans (Green Card holders) until 95 percent of the US soldiers fighting in Iraq are all Mexicans.

    Most Americans accept outsourcing as a good thing – and that would be a form of outsourcing death of US soldiers to people from another country.

    The other benefit from such a strategy is that when the United States decide to end its occupation of Iraq – they don’t have to bother bringing the Mexicans back to the United States since they would have a lot of work to do in Iraq such as building the country from the ground up, and so on. And the Mexicans are a hard working group of people.

    I am sure some members of the Bush administration would like this plan since they don’t have any of their own – this is a group who could not come up with a new idea even to save their own lives.

    The above plan would help solve the illegal immigration from Mexico and at the same time would solve the US army supply of new recruits to be sent to Iraq.

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    during vietnam war. illegal immigrants were offered green cards in exchange for serving in the army.
  3. Excellent thinking as usual SA.
    I am aware that US recruiting is alive and well as we speak in Panamà.

    Oddly enough, China evolved to such a level some 700 years ago that they employed a mercenary army to defend the middle kingdom behind the great wall.

    Sadly, the mercs turned upon their masters and the outcome is written in the history of China.

    If you do not learn from history you are apt to repeat it.
    This is something that los niños en la casa blanca should pay attention to.

    Oops, I think that I am getting ahead of myself.