US immigration laws and Excess housing supply

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  1. The US has a stupid 50 k visas per year for a diversity lottery where all you need is a high school certificate from any country, not to mention all the illegals from South America

    There are 60 k H1-B visas where you have to have a offer of employment first. These where gone in 2 weeks when the economy was doing well.

    Or an investment visa where you have to bring $1mm and employ 10 people.

    I'm degree qualified engineer, now fulltime trader and I was looking at living in the US for a while and it is very difficult to get a visa. When I would be buying a house, paying tax etc etc all pluses for the US economy.

    Australia still has 110k skilled immigrants per year for a population of 20mm and with out them the housing market would collapse. They don’t need any offer of employment or sponsors etc only the required skills/experience.

    The US should allow anybody who is wiling to buy a house and shows sufficient funds to be self reliant and who is from a visa waiver country (1st world equivalent), passes security and medical, entry to the USA including self funded retirees.
  2. 1st. You can be "self-reliant" today and on welfare next year.

    2nd. US has no jobs for its own citizens, much less foreigners.

    3rd. You're actually better off trading from outside US. Less regulation/same opportunity. Just trade remote. Nobody here is going to hand you money to trade if you don't have any yourself.

    As for the 'diversity program', yeah its a foolish program. Many of these people just come over & join the welfare lines, further draining limited govn't resources. There are very few hard working immigrants today.
  3. true, true, maybe, but these are first thoughts that anybody has. If they need welfare send them home, plus they had to show suiffiecent funds to sustain themselves and their family, to enter.

    In Australia skilled immigrants create a huge demand, think about when someone has to furnish a house buy a car etc most bring with them more than enough money. These educated people are also talented enough to create employment opportunities.

    The US allows 50k a year in the diversity lottery most only have the shirts on there back and borrowed the $1k to pay for the visa. Cancel this program and do what I was suggesting.
  4. if you do come , do not get a passport, citizenship,stay on the visa. you will have a tax liability your whole life. america is the only country were you are taxed on citizenship, not on location. and you can not give the blue passport back, serious tax penalties the rest of your life. the only people who want to come here because the place they come from is worst mexicans, haitians, indian, chinese, not a lot of people from countries that they have it better .
  5. In other countries, you are required to prove (a) you have assets to sustain yourself and won't be a drain on the country's social system, and (b) you won't be taking a job from the natives.

    In the USA, they get here by "hook or by crook" to be a leech on our social system because ours is better and more generous than where they came from. How do we benefit from that?? Why do our politicians ALLOW (nay, ENDORSE) that??
  6. More people going to US will only exacerbate the country's decline. More imported shit, more $ going back to their home country, more people on welfare, more congestion, less for other current citizens.

    US is no longer in position to take in thousands/millions of people as in years/decades past. US is in survival mode. Or at least it should be.

    The current generation of immigrants do not help one bit. Well, except for the lower paid Mexicans who actually do a LOT of grunt work most Americans are too lazy for. But other nationalities, as I said are better off staying in their own countries.

    As for opinion is the US does NOT have a housing problem. It have a problem of too much expensive housing where incomes are not matching required payments for the McMansions built in the last decade.

    So what are you going to do? Put newly arrived immigrants in 4000 sq ft homes?
  7. Soon to change, as that will be the quality of the majority of job openings.

    Americans would swallow their pride if we adopted a "no work, no eat" policy.
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    Democrats allow it because they see a large block of voters they promise and allow to get our social services. Thus, no ID required when they vote.

    Republicans are AFRAID they may alienate this illegal voting block if they try to be tough on immigration.

    Thus, whom ever is in control encourage the illegal immigration problem to persist.

    And, that's why they all need to be thrown out of office!!! IMHO
  9. Only ONE in a long list of reasons... :mad:
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    You're right, but it will never happen.

    Our federal government does almost nothing that makes sense.
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