US Image in Iran is down

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    Sounds like Iranians maybe smarter that Americans.
  2. I have no doubt they would accept you with open arms.
  3. "Even so, the survey shows Iranians continue to strongly want their country to adopt democratic institutions like free elections and a free press, the poll showed. There also remains a widespread willingness to stage unconditional negotiations with the U.S. following nearly three decades of diplomatic estrangement between the two countries. "

    "Accurate public opinion polls are a rarity in Iran, whose Islamic rulers enforce strict rules of behavior and where dissidents are often imprisoned. The survey was conducted by telephone from a nearby country that the sponsors declined to identify for security reasons. "

    Iran's media is largely controlled by the government, though the Iranian people increasingly have access to the Internet. That makes it hard to gauge how much information Iranians have received about Obama and his repeated statements that he is open to talks in hopes of improving relations.

    "How much of Obama's message has been broadcast to them, I have no idea," said Ken Ballen, president of Terror Free Tomorrow.
  4. O wants to torture them too
  5. maybe they liked the idea that US might attack iran, now they are pissed that US even considers their government worthy of direct talks
  6. What do you mean? Obama was very impressed by the whole process. In fact. he was 'excited'.

    Obama 'excited' by Iran's robust election debate

    Are you claiming that BHO was 'excited' by an election that was not free and democratic? Are you disputing Obama on this?
  7. America is invading its neighbor Iraq (although it is a historical enemy) based on a lie. Saddm did not have weapons of mass destruction nor was he involved in 9/11.

    The Iranians are also aware that the neo-cons would love to invade Iran. As much as I despise Obama, I am grateful McCain isn't in office. It would be a continuation of Bush foreign policy.