US hypocracy when it comes to blaming others about human rights?

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  1. The US accuses China of these "serious human rights abuses":

    "While citing the release of several well-known Chinese dissidents, the report accused China of numerous "instances of extrajudicial killings, torture and mistreatment of prisoners, forced confessions, arbitrary arrest and detention, lengthy incommunicado detention, and denial of due process."

    How ironic that the US isn't exactly squeaky clean when it comes to these charges!

    Let's see, extrajudicial killings (the murky area of international law when the US killed those Al Qaeda guys in Yemen with a predator drone missle?), torture and mistreatment of prisoners (Guantanamo Bay Al Qaeda prisoners??, and when it serves our interests to send a top Al Qaeda guy to a foreign country, so they can torture him for info, thats ok), arbitrary arrest and detention (those 1,000+ guys rounded up in the dragnet after 9/11? it can't be any clearer), denial of due process (can anyone say Jose Padilla??).

    Not to mention, the US holds a rather dubious distinction of being one of the few democracies in the world to execute the mentally retarded and juvenille offenders. To think we can stand on some kind of moral high ground, supremely above all others, and then lecture others on human rights, no wonder we don't have much popularity in the world.
  2. Lies, exageration, and pure spite for the greatest country the earth has ever seen. You hate america more than any Iraqi outside of Sadam's government. You are sick.
  3. There is nothing anti-American about seeking justice.

    The the detainment at Guantanamo Bay is certainly a contentious issue, though.

    However, I don't think there's anything "inhumane" about a government taking security measures within its own borders, especially given that terrorists originating from the Mid East do account for 99% of anti-American terrorist acts.

    Decrying the US over human rights abuses is really stretching it.
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    Want more lies like this:
    One man's body was still on fire. A girl aged no more than five lay dead in a ditch beside the body of a man who may have been her father. On the bridge an Iraqi civilian lay next to the carcass of a donkey. A father, baby girl and boy had been buried in a shallow grave. Franchetti said the civilians had been trying to leave the town, probably for fear of being killed by US helicopter attacks or heavy artillery. He wrote: "Their mistake had been to flee over a bridge that is crucial to the coalition's supply lines and to run into a group of shell-shocked young American marines with orders to shoot anything that moved.",3604,926934,00.html
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    Wellwellwell, the greatest country on earth?

    When Hitler was in power he used words like that to describe Germany. Are you quoting him? I mean, are you a self-styled Nazi?
  6. Go back to China, you commie scumbag...

    USA will kick China's ass, anyday!
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    Good luck to America, hahaha
  8. No luck required... we're gonna rule da world! Anyone or any country who stands in our way is a terrorist and we'll kill em...
  9. Moral equivalency is the opiate of the international left.

    In the US you can practice any religion freely. Try that in china, Vietnam or Sauid Arabia.

    We provide free medical care of the highest quality to dirt poor illegal aliens. In China people are kidnapped for organ harvesting, no doubt for the benefit of communist party bosses.

    Before a prisoner here is executed they get on average 8-10 years of appeals decided by an independent judiciary. In China, you get thrown in jail for thought crimes and executed summarily for crossing party bosses. Anyone remember Tianamen Square?

    We do not apologize for fighting terrorism or detaining terrorists. They are lucky they weren't lined up and shot, which is what many of them deserved. Law-abiding immigrants here have nothing to fear. With affirmative action, the day they set foot here, many of them have greater rights than native born citizens. What they cannot do is come here, take advantage of our friendship and try to stab us in the back by helping terrorists.
  10. I've never seen any evidence anywhere that these guys are tortured.

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