US Hotel Vacany Rates Highest In History: Receivers Can't Keep Up w/Distressed Props

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  1. Can someone post the whole article, I can not see.
  2. If you use Google search to find a WSJ article, you can see the whole article.

    In this case, I searched for part of the title of the article, "Hotel Receivers Face Long Stay", to see the whole article.
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    I knew the hotel industry was f*cked when I stayed a few months last year in the SFBay area, at a Hilton, for $35/night.

    The same hotel room, during the tech boom, I remember paying $200/night.
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    I really feel sorry for the Donald Trumps of the world. Sheesh!
  6. This actually sounds like a great time to buy one of these hotels for less than its construction cost. You always want to buy in times like these. If someone paid 5 million for a 100 unit 3 years ago, there is no reason why you shouldnt be able to find someone to sell you that same place for 500-800k if you really look.
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  8. Not a chance.
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