US Govt please stop talking BS

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  1. "We believe in a strong dollar."

    "We can bring our own supply and we are not reliant on the middle east. "

    Blah Blah Blah.... This new parade of talk is total BS.

    Instead of talking, f*ckin do something! Like anyone believes anything we say anymore... Talk without action hurts credibility even more. These people are running our great country into the ground.

    I propose any congressman, president, or state employee be required to have a college degree with at least econ101. It is an embarrassment.
  2. I concur.
  3. Sec. Gutierrez thinks just saying that the US will explore for oil, will cause correction in oil.

    Give me a break, this is what he should have said 5 years ago. Then maybe we would actually have had significant more supply today.

    If the US was a company, the board would have been replaced. CEO gone, All the Secs fired 3 times over.

    "Don't steal the government doesn't like competition" LOL
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    i think econs is a nonsense subj
  5. It's been made out to be by some of the people running this country.

    It did not used to be this way. Our country used to elect the most educated in the country and managed strong trade and fiscal policy.

    What are the chances of that ever happening again?
  6. There is a really good chance it will happen again.

    after the collapse
  7. Paul Volker had balls.

    Bring him back.

    He had such huge balls he did what was best for the U.S., not the man (Carter) who appointed him as fed head.

    In fact, he probably cost Carter re-election.
  8. The answer is so simple, but yet hard to get done.

    Get rid of the income tax. that would require cutting back huge amount of spending. Spending I might add that is so wasteful that its beyond any reasonable persons imagination.

    Second, require home ownership to vote(NO trailer homes would NOT count). It would be an effective tool to get rid of huge amounts of stupid people from voting.

    Now before you respond saying so and so is really smart and he rents save your breath. We all know many people who should be allowed to vote and put in the effort to try to see through all the BS that dont own a home. Thats not the point. The point is that the net effect would be that a lot of people who can't balance a simple checkbook would be staying home watching Amercian Idol or whatever dumbass show is on that night instead of trying to vote for whatever person is promising them the most giveaways.

    Harsh and hardcore?? yes sure it is. But not nearly as bad as watching our kids future circling the drain.

    Want to have some campaign finance reform? won't need to worry about that anymore. Why? because with the government controlling so much less of our money and rights we won't feel the need to contribute at the levels we do now.

    Want our troops home and an end to the American empire across the world? No problem, without all the tax money coming in we will have to bring them home and close down bases. Even in hot zones like spain, Germany, and Japan. (we do we need troops in Spain anyway)

    Want cheaper gas prices? not having such a big government and army will go a long way to reducing demand

    Don't want to spend money stopping someone from smoking pot? Kinda hard to jail 1million plus without all the tax revenue

    Want to get the government to restore your property rights? A wee bit harder to get laws destroying your rights when the people voting are the land owners.

    Is it perfect? No, not by a long shot. Is it a lot better than what is going on now in washington? Yes and by a long shot.
  9. They all have college degrees, hence the problem. Some common sense would suffice.
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    For a man [McCain] who is running for President to say of economics that he has no idea about that kind of thing is just beyond belief. Why is he running if what is important to most people is not something he feels he needs to know anything about? Presumably he feels his Vietnam experience will allow him to understand things that really matter like Iraq. Obama is not much better. A country of 300m can field only McCain and Obama for the Presidency (after electing the Chimp).

    Oh and BTW the rhetoric coming from the US is just regarded as insulting by the rest of the world.
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