US government is now Certifiable INSANE, planned attack on Russia

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    Time to pack it in boys, it is now certifiable, stamped, official.

    US government is Insane, forget the so called threat of Iran

    WikiLeaks reveals NATO attack plan against Russia

    One of the telegrams are signed by the head of the State Department, Hillary Clinton. "The plan is secret," emphasized Clinton, to the astute U.S. diplomats at NATO.

    The British newspaper The Guardian printed a telegram reproduced by the WikiLeaks site, this time a NATO plan for a massive attack on
    Russia. The plan for large-scale war against the Russians predicts the displacement of nine military divisions from the U.S., Britain, Germany and Poland.

    According to the Guardian, the attack is predicted to include the ports of Germany and Poland to be used to receive the naval assault from the U.S. and Britain.

    One of the telegrams is signed by the very head of the State Department, Hillary Clinton, dated January 26, to the American diplomats at NATO. She emphasizes that the plan has to be kept in strict secrecy. "The United States believes strongly that this plan should not be discussed in public. They are classified as "the top secret level of NATO," the telegram says.

    Furthermore, the Guardian highlights his amazement that the Yankee diplomats' telegrams treat the subject with total levity because "there is not one mention or concern about the
    potentially catastrophic implications of such an armed clash between the two largest nuclear powers in the world."

    Daalder suggests to not to make it clear that Russia is a potential
    target, by the adoption of a "generic plan" for moving troops to the
    Baltic countries while not mentioning against whom these troops would be directed - in case of leak - not to cause or provoke constraints with Moscow. Well as felt and suspected by Russian Representative Rogozin: "If we are going to hunt rabbit, why do you have weapons to kill bear?"
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    Is anyone really that stupid to believe that Russia is easy pickings, easy target.

    100 million if not more Americans would DIE in retaliation.
    Then again what does US government care about Americans

    Those pesky "Americans" always bitching about taxes LOL :D
  3. The US govt (and NATO) has (have) contingency plans for all sorts of things. It does not mean that it would ever be enacted. We have absolutely no reason to attack Russia. Unfortunately, this sort of disclosure is not really helpful in terms of international relations. The reset seems to have failed miserably.
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    I didn't believe in rumor that Putin told his Generals to prepare for possible World War 3

    But now I don't know what to think.

    Russian Leader Tells Top Generals, Prepare For Armageddon

    The plans for this “Total Global War” the Americans are preparing to launch were first revealed to China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS) by the former Blackwater mercenary Bryan Underwood who is currently being held by US authorities for spying and which we reported on in our 4 October report titled “China Warns Russia Of Coming American “Great Event.”
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    Then goodbye Manhattan

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    First you post a "live leak" that is actually from late 2010

    Then you post an article from which sources from which sources from, a site famous for making things up.

    Move to politics & religion, this is one for the sheeple.
  7. Exactly. The US and other gubmints plan for all sorts of scenarios. If they weren't doing it they'd be falling down on the job worse than usual.
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    Tsing Tao

    Everyone welcome back c-kid.
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    Hey promagma don't soil yourself in public

    News is News because it is news to me and to you. Furthermore how many political crimes, bank crimes, military crimes have to happen in the last 10 years for people like you to wake up to the fact that

    SH*T Happens on all levels.
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    Another person here a month ago said the same thing. Will you cult nutcases lay off me please. You are fingering the wrong person.
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