US getting tough on IRAN

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Alexandre, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. this could prove interesting, "Iran faces tangible and painful consequences" dixit John Bolton.

    War could be closer than we think
  2. Dicisne Latina lingua?
  3. I thought using a "dead" language made sense for this subject
  4. The US can't go to war against Iran, not enough troops and we are oil whores, plain an simple.

    The US needs their lapdog the Israelis to hit them with a bunker buster of some sorts.
  5. Dead? Read your post: "should prove interesting" = "probet interesse"; Romans hadn't a verb form of the noun "facies", but they had a substantive gerundive "consequentes".
  6. Forgot: "tangible" = "tangibilis" which is the adjectival form of the verb "tangere".
  7. well, I can't compete, you seem to be versed in Latin.

    Let's see how markets will factor increased chances of military intervention

    PS - this post doesn't endorse military intervention
  8. I saw that address, i wondered what he meant by that-sanctions? On a country with a border that size? The iranian people would love that, hasnt worked anywhere else.
    Notice how he didnt use the word "government", which is what it is given elections and all......he said "regime".
    A not very subtle hint at regime change?
    Targeted strikes, what?
    Islamic leaders/governments love this stuff, seige martyr mentality, they know its easy to sell to the punters.

    With their obvious prowess at meddling in the middle east, what precisely are they going to do?

    Blockade the entire meditteranean/arabian sea's?