US GDP didnt grow 5.7%, they are lying!

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    This is how to really find out the truth. The illegals can not send money home because they are not working. If our GDP really grew 5.7%, Mexicos would not have fallen 6.8% In fact its safe to say that our GDP probably lost 6.8%

    What concerns me now is that because the government is really set out to just lie right to our faces means they will have to account for that real lost GDP later. If we have hyperinflation they could easily throw in an extra 12.5% to the GDP without anyone noticing. If we dont have hyperinflation, they are going to have to come up with that extra 12.5% one day to even out the books. I personally think that they know the end is coming and they are just doing what they can to keep the party going for a little while longer.

    Although i guess they could theoretically just keep saying the GDP is increasing even if it isnt. I mean we could all be living in tent cities eatting beans & rice to survive and the Government could say our GDP went up another 6% this year.
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    Employmnet is a lagging indicator.
  3. where is the long term demand. no recovery till demand is maintained where will it come from.
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