US foreign policy

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    Almost everyone is expecting a US led war on Iran in the next few weeks or months. The sanctions are now in place and affecting the Iranian civilians. The majority of the ordinary Iranians like what the West has to offer in the way of democracy, music, technology etc. The sabre rattling by the US on behalf of Israel puts them in a very awkward position with their own Govt.and back under the hands of the Clerics. So as usual the US is shooting itself in the foot with their macho and counter productive policies. Iran is probably not the push-over that Iraq was. They have had plenty of time to prepare some nasty surprises.
    Britain does it's usual sell-out as the US's poodle ! I wonder if Cameron has been offered a nice cushy job like Tony Blair, after politics ? A million bucks a year to stay in the best hotel suite that Jerusalem can offer for a chat to the Israelis and very occasionally the Palestinians.
    The US has bankrupted itself and its allies fighting useless wars around the globe that have achieved next to nothing. Just how long will the Afghanistan Govt last after spending all those billions ? 1 week, perhaps a month ? How many died ? Was it really worth it ? Listening to General Keane and the ex-ambassidor to Iran talking, they live in a different world. Bombs aren't likely to drop on their families.

    All in all since the 1950s the US foreign policy has cost the US its wealth, millions of lives and not made any improvements ! In a word hopeless !!

    The US lost the option of banning nuclear weapons when the Russians got the bomb 6 decades ago. Was the lesson of Vietnam learnt - fraid not, they just keep plugging on with the same ole failed policies. Bloody clueless.