US favorability skyrockets under Obama

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  1. As the global economy begins to rebound from the great recession, people around the world remain deeply concerned with the way things are going in their countries. Less than a third of the publics in most nations say they are satisfied with national conditions, as overwhelming numbers say their economies are in bad shape. And just about everywhere, governments are faulted for the way they are dealing with the economy.

    Yet in most countries, especially in wealthier nations, President Barack Obama gets an enthusiastic thumbs up for the way he has handled the world economic crisis. The notable exception is the United States itself, where as many disapprove of their president's approach to the global recession as approve.

    This pattern is indicative of the broader picture of global opinion in 2010. President Barack Obama remains popular in most parts of the world, although his job approval rating in the U.S. has declined sharply since he first took office.

    In turn, opinions of the U.S., which improved markedly in 2009 in response to Obama's new presidency, also have remained far more positive than they were for much of George W. Bush's tenure.

    Ratings of America are overwhelmingly favorable in Western Europe. For example, 73% in France and 63% in Germany say they have a favorable view of the U.S. Moreover, ratings of America have improved sharply in Russia (57%), up 13 percentage points since 2009, in China (58%), up 11 points, and in Japan (66%), up 7 points. Opinions are also highly positive in other nations around the world including South Korea (79%), Poland (74%) and Brazil (62%).


  2. Typical for socialists to be most concerned with what everyone else thinks of us, instead of worrying about the economy going to shit, and pulling the banana republic tactic in trying to 'quantitative ease' (inflate) our way out of it. No no, let's not worry about that mid double digit unemployment, let's not worry about stupid never ending wars, let's not worry about trillions in big government entitlements and wasteful programs, drug wars, terror wars, and imprisoning more people than anyone else on earth. Let's not worry about the flood of 3rd world illegals in the face of double digit unemployment. No no, let's worry about how much people like us!!!

  3. If you compare Bush's first year to Obama's first year, Bush's America was more liked then Obama's

    BTW Obama's highest ratings come from his birth home.
  4. What I find absolutely hysterical is that Kenya had a higher favorability when Bush was elected than when Obama was elected. Whats up with that? :)
  5. Everybody wants USA to fail/get destroyed because every country wants to acquire USA's dominant position (No: 1). So other country people are promoting Obama. They want Obama to lead USA to destruction.
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    Like the usa acquired from Britain right?

    Usa dont need Obama to self destruct ..........
  7. What's hysterical is that ding bat left wing fringe like RR care what Kenya thinks about the usa.

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    An entire nation of "birthers"?
  9. Or maybe unlike US Republicans they realized the damage Bush did to the entire world .
  10. or other countries want "USA dollars". I think USA is the biggest investor. If USA gets destroyed the world economy gets destroyed. That is the reason other countries want USA economy to survive. Everybody is selfish. Nobody is helping anybody. Nobody is interested in Obama.
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