US export growth to outpace GDP in 2012

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    Good news indeed.

    "Analyst Says U.S. Export Growth Will Outpace GDP in 2012

    (Journal of Commerce Online – Mark Szakonyi)

    Moffatt & Nichol analyst says value of U.S. exports will grow up to 6%

    The value of U.S. exports in 2012 will grow at twice the rate of GDP, with the value of outbound shipments expected to expand 5% to 6%, said a Moffatt & Nichol analyst.

    Walter Kemmsies, chief economist at the port design and engineering consultant, said he expects U.S. GDP to grow 2.5% to 3% this year. Kemmsies said the export of agriculture products, particularly of oil seeds and grains, could drive the next U.S. economic cycle. “As people move from rural to urban areas to take high-paying jobs,” he said. “their diets tend to become more protein-oriented, in particular beef, and they want better clothing.”

    U.S agriculture exports have been key to President Obama's push to double exports by the end of the 2015. American farmers exported roughly $135.5 billion in products abroad last year, a 17% increase from 2010. Farm exports, including grains, meat and beverages, in 2010 were valued at $118.8 billion, up 15% from 2009, according to figures from the U.S. Commerce Department. They have grown at an average annual rate of 2.6% since 2004."
  2. Thank you , I did not see this, or reference to it. Part of my job is research, and I like to think I keep up on all this, but I missed it, thanks again.

  3. The kind of thread Obama haters avoid like the plague :cool:
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    Yes, I'm sure it's infuriating.
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    The US is the Largest manufacturer country in the world. This has nothing to do with the president policies..

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    You're wrong about "nothing to do with". While it's true the president can't be blamed or praised for all of our economic well-being, this president, Obama, can be praised for greasing the wheels of exporting. It started with the NEI. I'm a beneficiary myself.
  7. This kind of thread can't please the "Buy American" fascists. [​IMG]