US equity monday moves

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  1. VIX shows a lot of volatility. what things need to happen for buyers to come back in?

    oil down below 65?
  2. krazykarl,

    Dow shows "domed house" pattern! Path of least resistance is down from here; maybe the start of a new bear market. Don't look for going long in the coming day's.
  3. wouldnt supprise me to see an up day monday since the selloff happened on option ex day.i bought a few things into the close for a trade on that theory. how many followthrough days to the downside have we seen lately when we had an ugly close. not many.
  4. vhehn,
    A trader wouldn't have bought anything at the close friday; a gambler would! Sorry.
  5. Why was it wrong for a trader to buy at Friday's close?
  6. we will see.
  7. I bought some at the close as well, I hardly think I'm a gambler!
  8. If it wasn't to cover short positions the odds are definitely against you. A professional trader doesn't trade for the action but to make a decent profit at times when the odds are in his favor.
  9. keafan


    I see that you registered on ET a few months ago and vhehn registered more than 5 YEARS ago.

    Maybe, as your name implies, vhehn should be someone you are studying rather than slamming.
  10. I disagree.

    There were some good stocks that got caught in the mass selloff and there were stocks that were positive and near their highs of the day at the close. Some of those stocks were screaming buys.

    I was long two stocks the entire day yesterday and added some decent size right on the close since they both looked so strong.

    On the other hand, going home with a size position in GOOG would pretty much be gambling (IMO).

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