US Equity-based markets are getting crushed

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  1. anyone else hiding in gold and oil right now? :)
  2. all equity markets are getting crushed, not just US.

    smells like a wholesale asset liquidation, and I truly hope I'm wrong. But probably not.
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    This ain't purdy.
  4. let's discuss what it will take to stop this dive....

    i've got nothing. even the fed pausing at this point wouldn't have an effect IMO.

    to me it feels like there is a massive rotation out of equities into very few commodities as a direct result of geopolitical issues.

    any other thoughts?
  5. just when things look like they coudn't get worse...they tend to get better.
  6. yeah. gold and crude. maybe foodstuffs if things get really hairy.
  7. If Israel and the Hezbollah would put away their sticks and stones and stop escalating we might see oil pullback to $70 and the market bounce away from the recent lows..... for a moment.
  8. The markets will fix itself -regardless of isreal and hezbollah. The market recovered from 911-this is nothing.
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    this isnt the stage where"things couldnt get any worse" that wont happen for about 2 years..or whatever the average bear market cycle is. the top of this was in May..we are only 2 months into it. people said that about NASDAQ as well in 200, 2001...still hasnt recovered over 5 years later

    we will get a bounces..but overall the general market direction is down.

    read Trader vic...he has better explinations than i as to how the markets act in different bear/bull stages.

    i for one am very, very short...almost across the board with a couple small longs here and there (consumer staples, oil, gold).

    I think most people here with experince agree that most bull positions should only be exremely short term and only made in very oversold situations based on these market conditions.
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    man. listen. you should read only and stop posting for a while. it is blatantly obvious that you really dont undertand markets.

    1. fix itself-yes...the markets normalize with time and return to their moving averages. That doesnt mean they always go up. they dont, nor are the currently

    2. Recovered from 9/11- I emplore you to visit the 10 years graphs on all of the major indices...NONE sir have recovered. the Nasdaq is 1/2 what it was in 2000, the S&P has not made a new high form that time period, and the Dow barely recovered to where it was during ...and is braking back down.

    no amount of hope will change the markets. you should study and understand them before puting you money and reputation at risk.
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