US Employment Welfare eventual set-up for austerity measures?

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  1. longleaf


    As long as they can classify it as "defense" or "national security" or "homeland security," the goobers down South where I am will eat it up.

    Even the Tea Party types will boo and shout down ANYONE who dares to suggest our "defense" budget be cut. It can only be increased—massively. What are you? Al Qaeda?

    Instead, by this time next year Obama's "Catfood Commission" will have come back with its recommendations to gut entitlments and Obama will "triangulate" with his new GOPer majorities to "git'er done."

    The only way the elderly or near-elderly Americans without independent sources of wealth/income ever had a chance in this debate would have been somehow to be classified as part of the "defense" budget. Not gonna happen. Soylent Green time for them.
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