US educators to adopt Singapore’s method of teaching math

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ngkh, May 6, 2009.

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    I hope that before they make such a substantial decission the gov first makes a study on how this method performs in the North American environment. I have a hard time to believe that textbooks are the only thing at fault here.
  3. It’s a visual curriculum but it’s great for language minority kids that have trouble with English, because we don’t have all the kind of verbiage that gets in the way.


    If you don't require kids to learn English when they come to America (and this applies also to the ebonic student born here), I suppose "Verbiage" gets in the way.

    Will it work? The Sinagpore sling is about obtaining fresh money into the education system.

    Re textbooks, woo hoo, 2 inch thick began with the "more is better" grant money, hmmnnn now "less is more".
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    The SPore edu system and NA high school life will not click. Theirs is about cookie cutter force fed memorization while NA is more creative think outside the box. Both systems have inherent drawbacks, all I'm saying is that you can expect your kids math HW to double and standards to be raised. Sometimes you just need to cram a general education down kids' throats in HS and let the ones who have the aptitude go at it in uni.