US economy sinking

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    "West Coast Container Volume Surges 13 Percent
    Bill Mongelluzzo | Mar 1, 2011 9:29PM GMT
    The Journal of Commerce Online - News Story

    Most ports report double-digit growth in loaded imports and exports
    U.S. West Coast ports started 2011 off with a bang, with total container volume in January up 13 percent over last January. The ports of Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Oakland, Los Angeles and Long Beach handled 1,201,331 TEUs compared to 1,062,563 in January 2010.

    The increases were across the board, with most of the ports reporting double-digit growth in loaded imports and exports, according to statistics released Tuesday on the Pacific Maritime Association Web site.

    The container volume in Southern California was up 14 percent over January 2010. Imports were also up 14 percent and exports were up 14 percent for the month.

    Oakland's total container volume increased 10 percent in January, with imports up 15 percent and exports increasing 7 percent.

    Portland started from a smaller base, but the Oregon port recorded especially large gains. Total container volume increased 26 percent, imports were up 46 percent and exports increased 10 percent over January 2010.

    Seattle and Tacoma reported an increase in total container volume of 13 percent. Imports increased 11 percent and exports were up 15 percent."
  2. That's what happens when the left and the unions price the American worker to the point where they are not globally competitive. So companies leave and set up shop overseas. And Trump cannot strong-arm China into doing anything. [​IMG]
  3. LOL! To be globally competitive the American worker would have to make about a buck and a half an hour. You willing to work for that? Just as I thought! Unions didn't bring down the economies around the world, but you'd think they did as the apologists for the financial terrorists try to rewrite history.
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    Damn, did I forget to post the air freight volume report? Yeah, you guessed it: US economy plummeting.

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  5. The global labor ponzi scheme. Multi National Corporate One World Government Privateers understand. Are we havin fun yet?

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    This is exactly the thing that the dummies in the fed/government dont get. They think we can devalue the dollar to the point that we match up with China. Well guess what, in order to be competitive with China we need to have people working for a dollar a day. This is the stupidest mission i have ever seen the government undertake, and that iis saying alot.

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    Allowng the dollar to languish,
    isn't for competition with China,
    rather competition for China.

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    Ok, that's not entirely true, we want to make sales to many other countries besides just China, still I hope you got my point. The value of the weakened dollar is properly understood (this time) in terms of the NEI. And I trust I don't have to mention the value of the NEI.
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