us economy is in trouble

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    i think the US economy is in trouble. the stock market is not going to be able to sustain its current activity. I see other countries like China and India taking over, but soon after that, the greatest nation, Nigeria will take over as the world super power.

    There is so much demand for our products. Cow dung and goat dung sell the most and that along with oil, will be the greatest commodities traded on the NSE(Nigeria stock exchange). Everyone will be moving to Lagos. Which is why there will be a property appreciation. I am going to buy as much property as i can. So should you guys.

    But there are other products also, like hand woven straw hat( demand high because of sun), pharmaceuticals will do well because tree leaves will be sold for medicine.

    Bamboo and straw industry will rise for house and office construction.

    There will also be a flurry of fund managers wanting to buy the best huts in nigeria so houses will really appreciate.

    agriculter industry will do well because they will be cutting more tree leaves and selling because more people will need more leaves to clean their potty waste. and since more people will come that means more potty.

    there will also be a demand for mining because rocks will be sold like hot cakes because there will be more children as more people will come.

    So Nigeria is the next hot a sustainable market.

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  2. Actually, once the whole china/asia outsourcing thing plays out, Nigeria and other african countries will be the next developed nations. Nigeria, with the fastest growing population and oil resources, should lead africa along with south africa into the 22nd century.

    Of course, being right doesn't make you any less modestly educated and infantile. But welcome to the blogosphere and internet! Look forward to seeing you (someday) on the other side of the trade.
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    well said.......
    just in time for global chaos (no oil)and religion bringing its true ugly head to bear

    oh but wait.....its happening right before our very eyes.
  4. Althoug this goes in the econ section the US economy is doing just fine thanks to globalization.
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    this guy is just playing. he acts funny sometimes. although he did have good call on AGIX. sold before the news. thanks congoboy
  6. Nigeria.......home of the Nigerian E-Mail Bank Scam. I made $8,000 helping some guy get his own money out of his own account.
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    LOL very funny :)
  8. I'd slip a few of those pictures in a letter to GW and tell him we still need help down here in NOLA.
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