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  2. In addition to the checks and balances among the different branches of the elected government, an independent and appointed judiciary makes radical changes even more difficult.

    Currently radical changes are coming from the courts. Minority rules from court decisions. Sloppy written laws written by congress leave the fate of american life in the hands of the courts.


    Overall many of he authors points are ignorant and negative to Romeny and the Reps.
  3. Romney is a former private equity person. So soon after a financial crisis caused by people like him, it seemed an odd choice, even though he was not one of the crooks responsible.

    People like him? Who dat? Mormons? Oh private equity, how about Dick Fuld, king of all leverage.?

    What crooks are responsible, anyone have any names? TPTB can't even agree on a policy which caused the crisis let alone indict a person. The "crook" = "bogeyman"
  4. Oh, so now "the crisis was caused by people like him"? Corporate buyout? How soon we forget... Liar loans, no down payment, no income requirements, banks FORCED to make loans to non-qualifieds if they were black or hispanic, regardless of any qualifications.. banks having no "skin" in the loans as they just sold them immediately to GSEs... ALL OF WHICH MANDATED BY THE GOVERNMENT!

    NONE OF THAT was "like him".

  5. Yup, that's why some protective government regulation is always required.
  6. Current education consists of qualifying and signing up for an EBT card and registering to vote.
  7. "Education" won't do any such thing if the teacher's unions have anything to say about it.

    On the plus side, these people WILL know how to put a condom on a banana.
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