US$ dropped to 2-yr low vs Euro

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  1. its bizarre - nobody really seems to care... getting mighty close to that 80- level on the usd... why isnt gold at 1000????
  2. Here's what I don't get:

    Why isn't it depreciating versus the yen?

    If there isn't currency manipulation on a massive level in Japan, then I'll pay you 100 yen right now.
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    ...all about out of the money miner calls... Cramer just mentioned and others will be pumping this...
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    so what???
    let's say that iberia wants one boeing plane for let say 3 million euros, boeing will make a 900k profit only at rge FX exchange..

    if Delta airline want o buy one airbus plane at 3 million euros, airubus will loose near 500k en this deal.

    what you think the rest of the world will choose to use in form iof currencies payments???

    a weak dollar is great for eeuu. eeuu still the biggest exporter in this planet, by far!

    a weak dollar is extra tax for washington and good to inflation, cause brings goods from slave countries like china..

    china is just a instrument, but a lot of people here think they will rule the world soon... if you go to china, you'll see the reality.. they Will NEVER surpass the USA as superpower..
  5. I don't know to whom you're responding, but I was speaking of the financial market gaming that leads to trade imbalance gaming that leads to unintended consequences (e.g. unwinding of the carry trade at a most unfortunate time) when currencies are manipulated for short term gain (or long term gain for that matter).
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    hi, hilow?

    what the world have been doing after the brentwood pact???

    a weak dollar will make every american corp a very competitive machine.. that's bring big jobs, big money and big tax revenue

    the american mortgage market is about 7.5 trillions dollar, 1,3 trillion of that is about subprime, and only 3-4% of that 1,3 trillones are default payments.

    do you really thini that the greater economic machine in historiy will be at a depresion cause of that???

    the firt rule in business.. buy low,sell BIG!.

    the difference is that most of this countries are socialist and feudalist societies.
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    in the 80', the "euro" used to be the german mark, just as today the european bond benchmark is the Bund..

    humans dont change, environment do..
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    everytime the US inflation goes up the euro economy will go 2 times over at their exchange rate (eje.. lira/euro).

    got it?
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    is this some kind of ito hallucination?

    by the way there is a "Check Spelling" button when you post, i.e. you can have your vomit grammatically correct.

    "Brentwood" has maybe something to do with Brent crude but definitely not with the gold standard.

    Have you ever been to China?

    No - I should really not reply to this.....
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