US doomed ?

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  1. Upcoming US election issues seem to have forgotten that to get an improved unemployment rate, we need:
    1) tort reform
    2) tax reform
    3) shrinking government spending

    Couple all of that with "Taxagheddon" coming down the pike....
    things look grim, no ?
    All of these things are so deeply ingrained in our not-so-competive economy, right ?
  2. It's a relative world. Regardless of what happens, when you look at the competition we look pretty good. Why is that so hard for people to understand? Is the world just going to start storing their money in China? Are you going to?
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    Each of these things are likely to put people out of work, so how will that improve the unemployment rate?:

    1) lawyers
    2) IRS employees, CPA's, tax attorneys.
    3) everyone who works for the government or depends on government contracts.

    (I'm in favor of all these things by the way, but I think to do them you have to have a place for the displaced workers to go, in addition to the unemployment office...)
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    I think you guys don't get it.
    As long as our 550 D.C. whores are taken care of, nothing else matters much.
  5. Oh, you mean like the attorney in our area who was challenged in court and then awarded $260,000 in fees for the defense against a local school district right of privacy case. He did 4 weeks of work for that fee.

    B.S. I say. Those people above are not productive relative to the rest of the populace. They perform stupid work for (relatively) exhorbitant fees.

    You are definitely a bleeding heart liberal, aren't you ?
    Good for you...and you alone.
  6. I love this comment and it is so totally appropriate given our revenue starved government right now.
    Prostitution, Gambling, Drugs and other vices are skipping their tax obligations in a manner similar to the corruption that has occurred in Greece !
    USA = the new Greece.
    The underground economy in America is nothing short of phenomenal right now. Therein lies our problem. Some people are "getting away with murder"....others are way "overpaying their share".
    Totally unfair...and it cannot last.
    Thus the Occupy Wallstreet movement...and other US radical organizations.
  7. Obama clearly stated these items are off the table from day 1.

    Tort reform was not up fpr discussion on Obamacare.

    The private sector is fine we need increased gov't hiring (per Obama).

    Obama said we are not going back - translate: we are not rolling back rules and regs to accomdate the economy.

    Tax reform, Oh well, no clue what that is.
  8. I love all the people hating on lawyers. If it's so easy, become a lawyer. I mean all lawyers must do barely any work and make shit tons of money, right? Most lawyers are not rich and most lawyers don't make that kind of money that quickly. Who are you to say how much one should make in a certain amount of time? Sounds pretty hypocritical to me.
  9. Tort reform, you guys make me laugh and know nothing of what you talk about. Insurance companies are the ones that make out big when caps are put on. You also get shit doctors getting off free when they do shit work. So yea, cap what people can get in a lawsuit. It makes plenty of sense. Oh did you know that states with capped pain and suffering have not had lower medical insurance. Did you also know that the cap hasn't kept up with inflation? So yea, if I lose my leg or some other egregious thing, cap my pain and suffering at 250k. That goes a long way these days, and btw, that does happen more than you think.

    Edit- I wanted to add that most plaintiff cases are initially paid for by the lawyer himself. You know lawsuits are expensive and most people can't afford to pay for them. So the lawyer, if he thinks the case is good, will pay for the lawsuit and in return will get a cut of the amount awarded or the settled agreement. What is wrong about that? The client and attorney enter an agreement and usually the lawyer is the one taking the risk.
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    Hey...Exchange Bonds:

    1. Are you a lawyer?

    2. Is your dad a lawyer?

    3. Is your brother a lawyer?
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