US dollars useless in denmark

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  1. The part about denmark starts at about 2:35 or 2:45.

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  2. What? Nobody wanted to accept USD in Denmark?

    Something big must be going on which the MSM isnt reporting obviously...

    We wouldnt want the sheep to wake up would we!

    I have a feeling everything is going to come crashing down these next few days. I wouldnt be suprised seeing DOW hit 2K by next week.

    Stock up on food, water and guns today why you still can!

    Good luck to all. It's going to get bad.
  3. Get a grip, Chicken Little. The sun is shining if you care to come out of your bomb shelter.
  4. Not right away, few months from now I am expecting major trouble.
    Wars and debt by private central banks can only end badly.
    Nothing good can come from wars under false pretenses and never ending debt attached to every single US dollar.
  5. i can't believe i actually watched that...

    steve, on a cell phone, on a youtube video said it was true... so, i guess it must be rgt?

    these guys are either bonafide male tampons or working some shill angle... i can't imagine anyone gives enough of a shit to figure out which one.
  6. Many people refuse to accept foreign currency because of hassles such as time and the fees involved in converting such a small amount back into the domestic currency. The fact that someone would not accept USD in a foreign country does not really signify anything in particular. Think of it this way - as an American, would you accept a trivial amount of Euros as payment for your goods? We should all become more concerned when individuals in the U.S. refuse to accept USD.
  7. Methinks I detect a wee bit of sarcasm here... Do they accept USD everywhere in Belgium these days, Debaser? 'Cause if they don't, it's truly the end of the world.
  8. Wait, that's not Geithner in the video?!
  9. The guy was at the airport and a FOREIGN EXCHANGE booth. The whole job of that booth is to change money. What does that say when they wont change it?
  10. My apologies - I didn't actually watch the video and presumed that he was talking about using USD with merchants. I find it hard to believe that a FX booth at an airport would refuse to exchange USD considering the fact that they usually mark up the exchange rate anywhere from 5 to 10 percent. Let's not forget that the person in the youtube video also has an agenda - all of his videos seem to imply that the economy and consequently the dollar will collapse in the near future.
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