US Dollar Up 10%, OIL DOWN 40%

Discussion in 'Economics' started by libertad, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. A great article illustrating perfectly the absurdity of the current situation… If the US economy improves thus demand more oil, prices will fall..
  2. ?'re "long" the dollar and "short" crude oil and bonds?
  3. me? not exactly, short euro but not long dollar directly, sold TLT and TIP higher up so im only long corporate bonds now as far as bonds are concerned, I still have some oil stocks left though, PBR, ECA and STO even though I think they might fall paying 28% taxes on a 1200% gain in the case of PBR is not exactly tempting.
  4. moron28


    "Oil to $70!!!"

    "Gold to $350!!!"

    "EUR to 1USD!!!!"

    "DOW to 18,000!!!!"

    "Money to grow on trees!!!"
  5. If the economy improves, demand for oil goes up; so far everything OK...

    If demand goes up, oil prices will go down?
    This makes zero sense, please read the basics of supply and demand.
  6. This market isn`t trading on supply and demand.
  7. lol I know but the way things were worded: He added: "The prices are high due to the fact of the recession in the United States and the economic crisis which has touched several countries.................If the U.S. economic situation improved from now to the end of the year "that would help the market to stabilize."