US Dollar smack down, .20 away from 2004 lows

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  1. This is it crunch time for the Fed, they cannot talk of rate cuts now, the Dollar is very vulnerable down here.

    A collapse in the Dollar would be horrific, it would set off a chain of events that could topple our economy.

    Fed must act on the Dollar weakness. Commodities are soaring copper is right back near it's highs, crude is climbing, hurricane season is upon us soon. The Fed needs to take action.

    I am sure someone will say the bond market is not signaling a rate hike so forget it, to hell with the bond market.
  2. Smack down.
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    Funny thing how talking heads still talk about a rate cut, there will be no rate cut in 2007. Earliest rate cut comes in 2nd quarter of 2008.
  4. Agreed, cut rates and foreign nations stop financing our debt.
  5. Absolutely.

    There will either be a rate hike or left alone before a cut.
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    probably hold steady again in the next round barring more circumstances that say raise it...

    damned if you do, damned if you don't...
  7. Could you imagine what would happen if the stock market started selling off, and the dollar collapsed.

    Man this could turn into a real mess in a hurry.
  8. Could you imagine what would happen if a pregnant woman drank like a fish and smoked? Oh yeah, we have you and stock_turder to answer that question.

    Keep thinking those deep thoughts brainiac. :p
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  10. I'm making fun of your dumb comments, stupid conspiracy theories, bad market calls, and just generally everything else you say. I wouldn't say I'm following you around since this isn't exactly a large board and you post quite often and most of what you say required some kind of comment.

    I have a nice life, a pile of money, love to travel and read, and will be taking off all of next year to travel. Perhaps if your welfare checks don't stop coming and you're still trying to make money off the markets then you will have relief that I'm no long retorting you and your brother stock_turder...but I suspect you will either be dead or gone before next year. This world seems too complicated for someone as dumb as you to survive in. :D
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