US Dollar Index

Discussion in 'Forex' started by tbone4, Dec 5, 2007.

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    What are the different/best ways to buy the US Dollar Index? I'm looking to trade the US Dollar Index as a whole, not individual pairs.

    Are the CME$Index Futures liquid?

    Are there any good ETF's? The UUP looks like a mess.

  2. USD dollar index on NYBOT/ICE. Pretty liquid.
  3. tbone4


    Thanks. Do you know of any US Dollar Index ETF's besides the UUP?
  4. Short the Euro or the Canadian or the Aussie on CME globex since they are all longs against the USD. I would say Euro is looking good. For that much all CME globex FX futures are long that currency against USD so you could even do Swiss Francs if you want. Probably should wait until after ECB and BOE annoucement tomorrow unless you want to go risky on that trade.
  5. Why trade illiquid ETFs when you can trade a pretty liquid future?