US DOLLAR INDEX tradability?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by SmoothTraderFX, Nov 13, 2003.

  1. Hi,
    I'm looking for possibility to trade US Dollar Index futures.
    I found this thread here, but I would like to hear anyone trade this.
    I understand there are 2 exchanges to offer this pdoduct, CME and NYBOT(FINEX), and heard NYBOT is more active.
    I tried to check out the chart, but DX-Z3(NYBOT) and UX-Z3/UD-Z3(CME) are all thin at the chart. ALso I see InteractiveBroker does not have access this product.
    After all, I'm pretty pessimistic to trade US Dollat Index futures.

    I guess it's best to trade a basket of bunch of currency at same ratio comprising $index.

    Appreciated any thought.

    Thank you.
  2. wallaby


    Smooth - if your time frame is a little longer and you can stand
    the extra key strokes , yes , doing it spot or even through fwds
    in the following ratios will give you basically the same thing :


    EUR 57.6%
    JPY 13.6%
    GBP 11.9%
    CAD 9.1%
    SEK 4.2%
    CHF 3.6%

    The other obvious advantage of doing it OTC is 24hr tradability. Nice to know you can get out any time.

    Currencies - the "existential choice".

  3. J-Law


    I was a exchange employee for the NYBT(The exch in which houses the FINEX).

    That trading pit was always empty not alot of traders w/ poor liquidity.

    My advice look to trade other FX products.
  4. ellokn


    The $$ Index contract on the NYBOT is not the best to trade. The slippage can be huge!

    Try the CME/IMM Euro dollar contract.