US Dollar has officially lost its "toilet paper status" today...

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  1. USD/JPY 79.76.

    Despite an earthquake in Japan, possible meltdowns in 4 reactors, JPY stronger than US "toilet paper".

    Impressive. :cool:
  2. Massive repatriation of JPY. Exactly as expected. Has nothin to do with which toilet paper is stronger.
  3. Looks like you're back in "full stride". :cool:
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    The Government said inflation is low. You didn't get that memo? I went to fill up the other day and it cost me about 40% more. Went to buy some coffee at the grocery store and the price was 50% higher. Oh wait! Stupid me. Inflation doesn't count those sort of essential things.

  5. Simple repatriation of JPY from assets sold around the world probably from a lot of entities and insurers as well... something is needed to finance all the reconstruction.

    And if past is any guide in 1995 the JPY gained 2000 pips on USD after the Kobe Earthquake...

    So maybe the same could happen now, at least is what i expect the trend will probably accelerate downward and even reach mid 60's
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  7. I'll trade you some beads for Manhattan.