US Dollar Collapse?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by James Daniel, May 5, 2006.

  1. Good evening all,

    Just joined today; however, I have been a long time reader. I believe this question is highly suited to this forum :p

    I was looking at getting in to the forex market; however, with the recent concerns of a dollar collapse, I am wondering how this could affect the markets? Will this result in less volitility for USD currency pairs, such as EUR/USD and GBP/USD? Will the USD be replaced or is there a chance it could strengthen again in the long-term future?

    What are other traders views on the future of the US dollar and forex markets? Do you see a collapse, and if so, what effects do you envision? If not, why not?

    Hopefully, this will be a nice, intelligent discussion ;)
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    The US Dollar may collapse (or may not :) ), but this does not mean by any chance that the forex market will collapse. Since USD collapsing simply means the other currencies strenghtening against it. The volume traded and volatility will not collapse, on the contrary, a weak dollar would mean larger volumes in dollar denominated terms.

    But the main question still remains: are we witnessing the begining of a dollar collapse?
  3. it looks to me like the US government is trying to turn the dollar into something you can only spend, not save. ask russians, they know all about it, don't believe in money or savings

    started making initial calls to find out how a bullion purchase would work today, and interestingly, the patriot act makes anonymous purchase of precious metals illegal. ...why? what does that have to do with patriotism?

    shouldn't that have gone in the illegality of wealth protection act?
  4. Everytime I read a topic regarding the US dollar, whether it be a news piece, or simply a thread on a forum, it always seems to portray doom and gloom for the US dollar, which is then linked to the World economy collapsing.

    Is it that we, the people, are simply confusing the term collapse with something other than simple the "USD strengthening against other currencies"?

    The reason I am asking such questions, is because I have been trading forex since November last year and have finally begun trading profitabily over the last few months (averaging 5-10%) on the EURUSD and GBPUSD. I will continue to trade these even if the dollar does collapse, but I would like to fully understand the situation.

    On a side note, still related to the dollar collapse, the recent markets have been excellent, especially today and Monday past :D

    How have others found it?
  5. usd is weakening against other currencies
  6. My mistake. Yes, I did mean the USD weakening against other currencies. Been a busy day today :p
  7. First an aged monkey, then a comical rat, then a slightly younger aged monkey. With the leadership of this country, of course the dollar will collapse
  8. but my positions are the other way. Oops