US Copyright Chief Breaks Handset Locks

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  1. I hope that this gets the publicity to inform the general public and consumers.

    Then again, I'm sure that there is an appeal process the carriers will milk for years to come.


    The Librarian of Congress, who is responsible for rulings on copyright in the US has granted an exemption that will allow users to take their handset with them if they switch carriers. The change, which takes effect Monday, allows users to bypass software locks on handsets with or without a carrier's help to lawfully bring their phones with them to a new network. The ruling found that software locks like SIM locks or SPC codes on handsets were not covered by the DMCA because they are designed to protect a business model instead of preventing copyright infringement. While this ruling covers SIM locks and other handset-based locks, the ruling does not prevent CDMA networks from refusing to allow a user's phone on a network. The exemption will last for at least three years, but the Librarian of Congress could be asked to review the exemption in a future DMCA evaluation, which happen every three years.