US Consumers are struggling

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  1. the artice starts with - Prices are rising

    Do you really thinks it's preparing to a rate cut?

    Today dollar will probably hit a new low to Euro.
    Real inflation is around 10%.
    Rate cut will be devastating. Beiing on hold is devastting.

    Economy cant rely on a consumer anymore. Real median income is 20% lower than 30 years ago. What drove economy is low interest debt - it's over now for US
  2. Not a good report but with inflation where it is and the $ already under extreme pressure not sure they will cut. The increase in bond yields recently (apart from recent I think short lived rally) have I think shown us where long rates are going into the winter
  3. MattF


    No cuts will happen this year....raises however will be lucky to occur after the last go-around.

    Hate to make the markets upset....*maybe* rates go higher at the end of the year, but that's about it...