US Consumer 'insurgents' are in their last throes?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Daal, May 7, 2007.

  1. Daal


  2. Guess what industry was instrumental in getting the bankruptcy laws changed in 2005.
  3. Everyone is charging their gas and food these days. I guess its better than having no gas or food.

    "Better to go to bed hungry than wake up in debt."

    I have to admit I have every card maxxed these days. Its an adventure.
  4. MattF


    Hmmm, highest on any of mine is around 10-12%...of course missing a payment or 2 will spike MANY of them before you can blink an eye....but anyone getting a card and not knowing how to/how to negotiate a rate deserves to be stuck with those 20+% rates...
  5. Arnie


    I have friend that charges everything to a CC. He is one of the most frugal (tightass?) people I know. He does this to get the points or cash rebates. Pays it off every month. He says it amounts to about $300/year.
  6. Bob111


    i do this all the time. + i like to open new credit card with 0% on purchases or even better balance transfers. live on that card,making minimum payments every month while let my money work on 5% some CD, and pay rest at the end of promo rate.
  7. I never, not once, have carried a balance on any credit card ever.

    They hate me.
  8. LOL, you got the idea. I slice pepperoni so thin it only has 1 side.

    I did the "0% balance transfer" thing last year. Lately they have a "transaction fee", so I haven't been using them.