US City with the Best Women?

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    Continuing the spirit of the 'best US cities' thread, please post up US cities with the best / hottest women with reasons.

    Pics welcome!! :)
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    Houston ain't too shabby.
  4. based on the members here on ET you would get more replies to this thread if you changed the title to:

    "US City with the Hottest Men"
  5. No offense, but I am not into "plump" women. Texas is one of the most overweight states. I have been to Dallas so I know.

    The Los Angeles metro area has the hottest women. They're fit and dress well. They're also very materialistic but this survey is just about hottness :D
  6. Sorry I'm not into ugly fat slags....I stay away from the US
  7. The American women we get down-under are real bushpigs.
    I haven't met one who is less than 200 pounds!
    Truly sickening women
  8. Miami. The rest aren't even close.........
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    Not Even...they are a dime a dozen around these here parts. Just when you thought you saw the hottest most bodacious woman in your life along comes another one less then a block away...
  10. I can't say which is the hottest, but Washington, DC has to be the worse for a major city. Lot of career geeks, chippies on Capitol Hill looking to hook up with Ted Kennedy,et al and a bunch of self-important married hags from the midwest.

    Personally, I think you have to go to the UK and Europe. It's rare to find a decent looking american woman who isn't mental, self-obssessed or a gold digger.
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