US Citizens Starting To Rebel Against Wall Street

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Banjo, Sep 9, 2009.

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    About damn time people started getting angry at the RIGHT people, people like Wall Street would love nothing more than for the people to go Nazi and blame their problems on their foreign business rivals.
  3. Government are the RIGHT people... they're the ones who authorized the bailouts and backstopping instead of letting Wall Street losers suffer their deserved and proper fates... :mad:
  4. And you think people know who the RIGHT people are? Think they will be able to discriminate? Think there's no possibility of government fermenting this to bring in draconian legislation? Think this is trader friendly?

    If you do: Think again!
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    Mr. Moore did it, this movie looks great, however its not a movie your average movie goer is going to run and see. I think transformers and hangover are more important to the people in this country.

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  7. She has a legit gripe, but BAC didn't put a gun to her head and MAKE her carry a balance...
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    LOL!! Bend me over. I would like to bend her over.
  9. Michael Moore is a babbling fool.
  10. The CC company changed the terms, yes I know they can do that when ever they want. They take the risk also that customers may just say screw you like she did.

    In some states CC companies can do nothing if you default on unsecured debt. Each state is different
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