US-China Trade News... Jawbone Manipulation?

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  1. Besides all that went before, Trump recently said something like... "Trade business off the table until after 2020 election".

    But then he goes and initiates a 10% tariff on some things and China responds by fixing the yuan >7. Trump declares China to be a "currency manipulator", and the markets plunge for a day and a half.

    Then China "backs off" their yuan fix to be less severe and the markets rebound.

    Now Trump says, "No tariffs until December 15", and the markets pop again. (After saying, "No tariffs until 2020, one day Trump changes his mind and imposes tariffs. A week later, he changes his mind... yet again. Amazing. I can't determine whether Trump is just wishy-washy, flip-floppy, or is intentionally jawboning trade stories back and forth for some perceived support/benefit to his agenda. ??)

    Bottom line.... we don't know where we really stand on tariffs with China, but jawboning from both sides causes the market to flinch with every statement.

    Volatile markets... use stops.

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  2. Everything rallied... Corporate Bonds to Oil to Offshore yuan, HK Dollar, Japanese Yen, Gold got puked into hell

    The PPT did one hell of a buy, the volume is insane, Algo's front runned PPT and news, everything exploded, literally everything, every index in the world had the same shot to the moon, futures... The entire global markets shot up
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    we been going back forth a few times already with China... why would this time be different...

    but, after the 25% on 250b market already made new high before the 10% on the 300b, so why would it not make new high this time...

    everything is logical..

    what is PPT anyway... my pro boys know DOW is going to 40000, it's just demand.... SP500 is forward yielding 5.8% while corporate is 3.4% and 10 year is 1.7%?

    nobody can give a logical reason why DOW shouldn't be at 40000 right now, but too many people are butt hurt after missing the 10 year long bull, so they keep crying 'crash... please... crash'...
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  5. Overnight


    Smells like a trap. In two weeks at the conclusion of the next meeting, they';; say no progress has been made, and Trump will then about-face and announce that tariffs are back on for Sep 1st. Remember, he wants that fed rate cut of 1% minimum!
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  6. Yeah, Trump wants to "party like it's 1999", hangover be damned!

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    I got whipped in GC(gold futures).
  8. RedDuke


    We were up handsomely in GC, and got out at BE unfortunately. Today we were on the wrong side of the tweet.
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    short or long?
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    Long since yesterday, was almost up 5Rs. Oh well. Any isolated trade is irrelevant in the Forrest.
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