US census worker hanging probed, so it begins

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  1. There is a cost to all these hate speech on TV and radio and internet.

    "US police are investigation the death of a man who was found hanged from a tree in rural Kentucky with the word "Fed" scrawled on his chest.

    Bill Sparkman, 51, had been going door-to-door in Clay County collecting census data."

    There are faces to the people some of you called 'Feds', and they are your neighbors and fellow Americans, doing their job; not tearing down but building and keeping this country free.

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    I read this earlier today and was not the least bit surprised. My stepsister was a census worker in SE Kentucky back in the 70's and she told me stories about people answering their doors armed and even coming out to her car and laying their rifle down on the hood and telling her to leave and never come back.
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    Maybe they just understand the Constitution and the actual role of the federal government versus what it does today...

    So the OP actually thinks that all the hate speech on the internet and talk radio caused this.. in Kentucky.... LOL, what an ignoramus...
  4. Maybe they just understand the Constitution...

    So it is Constitutional to hang a US census worker?

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    Sean Hannity made me do it. Yea, right..

    Republicans hold up Foreign nuts to silence free speech.

    The Left use domestic nuts to silence free speech.

    Its the same game. Al Queda or McVeigh.

    Both Parties have declared war on freedom.

    Yet Partisan idiots can't grasp their team may be one Head on the same beast.

    Government Power.
  6. The ignorance displayed on this board is beyond belief.

  7. Your boy Obama is friends with a domestic terrorists but you don't seem to mind about that too much at all.

    Second of all, I did not see a single reference to "hate speech" on the radio, tv, or internet in the article. Its okay though, its common for the left wing to make stuff up. Nice job.
  8. Also, I forgot to mention, the brutality. If it can be imputed to a right wing motive, murder, mass murder and terrorism are all just fine around here.
    I still can't get my head around how most of the right wing posters who infest P&R sleep at night.
  9. Do you know why straw man arguments are irrational?

  10. Not only strawman's but appeals to emotion. This picture is designed to turn somebody upside down.
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