US CENSUS GPS'd your front door yet?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AMT4SWA, May 12, 2009.

  1. US Census already came to GPS my front door of my home in AUS the other week. I told the lady from the US Census that I do not consent and she said it was too late. She said she took the GPS data for my home front door before she knocked, to then hand me some small slip of paper about the legal authorization for what the US Census is doing. I asked her if she was doing all the homes in the area and she said for that day mine was the only one scheduled.......

    Our govt is BEYOND sick......they have fully transitioned to evil.

    Well at least now when SWAT is sent to your homes they will not get lost!!! :eek: .....or if your REAL NAUGHTY they can send you a JDAM to your front door as a gift.......REMOTE! :eek:
  2. Yes Anthony, they need to know where all the Texas secessionists live.

    You need to some how secede from the map of the US.
  3. Texan's...what a pack of dumbasses!!
  4. auspiv


    yeah someone could bring a GPS to your front door, or they could just pluck the coordinates off of a satellite image, the highly detailed public maps of your town, survey results, etc.

    why are you complaining about the gov accessing public info?
  5. As a Minnesotan, I have found out this is happening in ALL states......sorry, nice try! (a friend in Minnesota has also had the Census at his place already. They entered onto his property through a fence door in his backyard, and then walked around his home to the front door).
  6. Totally WRONG......the exact GPS coordinates of everyones front door IS NOT of public information (now it will be, thanks to the psychological "laydown" enablers of our country).