US Capitalism has failed.

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  1. - Big companies (oligopolies) lack competition.

    -Mergers & mergers.

    -Debt monetary policy....excess of $$$$

    -"China produces and we finance"

    -Over the last 4 decades economics is ruled by bubbles.

    -Huge deficit spending at all government levels.

    - Most expensive wars in history.


    It does not take a PhD. to know that this can't go on forever.
  2. I think you meant China produces and finances and we consume!
  3. China produces stuff. We borrow money from them so we can buy the stuff they produce.

    Viola! Why didn't somebody think of that 50 years ago?
  4. No....

    The Political System has failed....

    You fix the political system.....

    At least 80% of the problems are retired....
  5. One guy said this many years ago: "Give control of a country's money supply and I care not who makes the laws"

  6. And would "heal up" rather quickly!
  7. Cesko


    -Huge deficit spending at all government levels.

    What does this have anything to do with capitalism??

    Capitalism failed?? What's better out there please some genius tell me!!!
  8. How about remaking our capitalist model.

    End mergers, corporate welfare, deficit spending and monetary debt. How about that ah??? And is just a beginning.

  9. We haven't had REAL capitalism in the US for quite a long time.

    What we need is to revamp our behavior and bring TRUE capitalism back.

    Socialism is NOT a good alternative to whatever shortcomings we have now.

    Remember the famous quote...

    "In capitalism there is unequal sharing of the fruits. In Socialism there is equal sharing of the misery."

    In a truly capitalistic economy and society, those not happy with their lot in life are free to make the effort to improve it.... and free to choose not to.
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